Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The practice quilt

The quilt couldn't possibly be the first quilt. That was too risky. First I needed to learn how to quilt. How to sew. How to thread my machine. I needed a project that didn't mean so much to me. I needed to buy some fabric that had no emotional strings attached.

Chopping up a jelly roll of Summersault by Erin McMorris.

Several things happened next:

--I realized that I loved dreaming about pattern construction and layout.
--I realized how big of a project a quilt is, even my little practice one, and I needed to learn my sewing machine.
--I fell down the rabbit hole of modern quilting fabric.

One thing still hasn't happened since:

--I haven't pieced this quilt.

In due time, friends. It's coming.

Rectangles stacked in pattern order.

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  1. Some great look like you are heading in the right direction with the mat, rotary cutter and modern fabrics.


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