Thursday, March 1, 2012

Class time

It was time to take a sewing class. Before the class, I couldn't figure out how to operate my sewing machine, even with the aid of its manual, my husband, and YouTube. But after one class, I could do this:

Tote bag I'm really proud of made of unnamed fabric from the sewing store.

And when I got home, I could make my sewing machine hum. Too bad I still didn't understand enough about seam allowances. I made the perfect iPad case. My iPad didn't fit in it. But I could sew, baby. I could sew.

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  1. I got my first machine in September 2010 and was clueless too. I had to go to a Janome store and PAY to have someone teach me what to do - when the man who sold me the machine didn't even offer. A bag like that is an amazing first effort - mine was a simple drawstring bag. Loving your posts.


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