Friday, April 6, 2012

The iPad case and the other iPad case

So, about that iPad case. I was so excited about that project. It came out well and I was really proud.

But then I tried to put my iPad in it, and it didn't fit. I hadn't accounted for how the opening of a zipper is smaller than its length. I can't show it to you, because in a fit of determination I immediately deconstructed it to analyze its measurements and how much fabric loss I had planned for in the seams and how much I really had. I needed to know what I had done wrong.

But look what I nice job I did with that zipper!

Fabric details:

Exterior-- Deer in lime from the Woodland Wonderland line by Jay McCarroll (of Project Runway--remember him?) for Free Spirit.
Interior-- Firefly in pink from the Gypsy Bandana line by Pillow and Maxfield for Michael Miller.
Pocket lining and zipper tabs-- Zen Garden in pear from the Sanctuary line by Patty Young for Michael Miller.

I never felt upset, just determined. I designed a slightly larger case, and made this:

For the front, I pieced together three different pieces of fabric. The back is one continuous piece.

That's L's hand showing off the front pocket to you. She wanted to be prop assistant.

And here's the main pocket. It's roomy enough to fit my iPad in its smart cover as well as the separate keyboard I sometimes use.

So you know what? I thought I loved the first case. But I really love this one even more.

Fabric details:

Exterior including zipper tabs-- fussy cut Ruby Star Shining panel by Melody Miller for Kokka fabric.
Interior-- Fantasy Roads in red from the Hyperreal Garden line for Art Gallery.
Pocket lining--Endless Dream in shine from the Bohemian Soul line for Art Gallery.


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    1. Aww, my first comment!! Thanks, friend, and have a wonderful, meaningful Easter!

  2. So did you come up with this pattern yourself? Clever...and nice quilting and zippering. It is so encouraging to read your determination and the fact that you had to pull version 1 apart to answer the vital questions about seam allowance.


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