Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Zakka Style Sew Along: Week 1

After that one sewing class, I decided to join in on the sew-along that's happening through the spring and summer online to accompany a new sewing book that was recently published. I'm thinking of it as my second sewing class. I'll be (theoretically) completing a new sewing project each week. This one was due Sunday, but Passover makes life a little complicated! So here I am, a little late.

Presenting my zig zag tote:

This bag marked the first time I sewed with linen (and there's a lot of linen in this sew-along), the first time I pieced triangles (not so well, you may notice, if you see my swallowed triangle points), the first time I used interfacing,

and the first time I installed a magnetic closure. I felt fancy with that bit!

Okay, so let's also note: I attached the lining to the body in the wrong direction (there's a pocket in there, but you can't see it because I put it on the wrong side), and I attached the handles all backwards, too. Oops. Although, looking at that first photo, I like those cheery red flowers waving hi at me, even if they're supposed to be tucked on the inside. And, um, the whole thing isn't quite symmetrical. It's a little shorter on the left for some reason. I love its little wonky self so much.

And there are a million little details I could have done better, but I'm proud of this bag. I used all day long today and it didn't fall apart, so that's good, right?

By this coming Sunday, I'm going to make a cute little house-shaped pouch. Do you see those details? Circles. Curves. Another zipper. And more linen.

I'm in over my head with this sew-along. I think it's going to be fun.

Fabric details:
generic gray linen and three different prints from Denyse Schmidt's line at Jo-Ann Fabrics.


  1. Oh Robin...so nice to find this delightful blog. This post made me giggle. You and I had similar troubles and 'firsts' on this tote. In the flickr group, your bag is my favourite version so far. Can't wait to see what your house pouch will reveal about you too! If you are interested in my 'tote troubles' you can find me at http://findingfifth.blogspot.com.au/ and look for the zig zag post. About to go skipping merrily through your blogs now.

  2. Wow you sure jumped right in huh? I never progressed past curtains :)

  3. I LOVE it. So pretty. Did you get the linen at JoAnn, too?? I'm still working on my bag for the sew along. Hopefully I'll finish it this week ;-)

    1. The linen was from JoAnn, too. I haven't figured out a favorite independent local shop for buying fabric, yet, so I've mostly been ordering online, but JoAnn is convenient for lunch-hour shopping when I decide to jump in to big projects at the last minute :) Let me know when you post yours!!

  4. looks great!! and linen tends to be a bit wonky, so you just have to go with it ;)

  5. That looks a lot more complicated than anything I've tried to do yet, and I think even with your little errors considered, it still looks great! Look at you, just blazing ahead! Love it :)

    1. Oh, Lenae, you should join in! I bought the book as an ebook from Books-a-Million - you could start right away!


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