Sunday, April 15, 2012

Zakka Style Sew Along Week 2: house pouch

We've been traveling for spring break, and you know I'm serious about learning to sew that I dragged my sewing machine and fabric piles across an 800-mile road trip. Still, when it came time to make this week's assignment, a house pouch, I discovered that despite my earnest packing efforts I didn't have any green thread for the flower stems.

So with all three kids (ages 6, 4 and 2) and the lovely husband, I detoured us to a fabric shop en route to the science museum we planned to visit. 

Oh, my.

I almost never shop anywhere with the kids at all, because it's such a chaotic experience, but the fabric store! Everything is so shiny and bright and touchable! As I debated the merits of a bright shiny green or a muted but probably more reusable kelly green, the girls got into the buttons. And they're all so pretty, of course. And suddenly there were probably about $200 in buttons in our cart. 

I was smiling widely as I helped the girls try to put back most of their selections. The lovely husband patiently kept our two-year-old son out of the ribbons and commented, "I want you to realize that this moment defines my support of your learning to sew." And I was able to answer, "I beat you to that thought 90 seconds ago." He's a good one.

The original pattern had six flowers on the front, but you see I have more. It's because the girls found some buttons we just needed to have.

And three flowers on the back instead of one. Three kids. You know. And spring break, so they were all around whenever I worked on this. They had some opinions to share.

And finally, the pitch of my roof is a little steep. The original called for a 6" zipper, but I only had a 7" one. We modified accordingly.

I like this little house. I keep wondering who lives here. Maybe her?

Fabric details:
no-name purple linen.
Herringbone roof is some scrap I got out of the nickel bin.
Door is Bazaar Style Moroccan Streets in Night by Art Gallery.
Windows are Sheherazade in purple from 1001 Peeps by Lizzy House and I lined it in Royal City in purple, also from 1001 Peeps.

Next week's project requires some stamping. I don't yet own any heat-set ink pads, but I think when I buy them next week, this little pouch will be their new home.

(Get it?)


  1. What a great anecdote for later...bravo to your courage..husband's wit and the kids for their enthusiasm. And this pouch is perfect for the scooter woman.


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