Sunday, April 22, 2012

Zakka Style Sew Along Week 3: pin cushion

Welcome to week three of this sew-along, which I'm treating as my second sewing class.

This is the first week in which I'm not thrilled with my project:

I wanted to use the ric-rac to cover the seam between the red print and the gray linen, but I cut it too short (resulting in the piece you see here) and my in-a-devilish-phase two-year-old did something gross with my remaining piece and an avocado.

Also, this was the first time I ever tried stamping, and there's a little too much mess around the letters. But that's the point of this, I guess, right? I'm learning?  At least my cute new alphabet stamps have a nice home.

You can see I used a quote from The Sound of Music, but before I had a sense of how little space I had to work in, I had planned to use a quote from Anne of Green Gables. Remember when Anne accidentally gets her new friend Diana drunk and then Diana is never supposed to play with her again and Anne is so bereft that all the other girls at school go out of their way to be kind to her? One of them hands her this poem on scalloped pink paper (like ric-rac!) (I had planned to use the part in bold):

      When twilight drops her curtain down
    And pins it with a star
    Remember that you have a friend
    Though she may wander far.

That's why I picked the red print with the star motif. It's still a pretty print even without connecting thematically to the stamped text, but I had big plans that just didn't come together.

It came out lumpy. What's the secret to smooth stuffing? Someone enlighten me.

And I didn't show you this specifically, but you can see in the bottom gray corner of the first image that I struggled with the blind-stitch closure. Being a perfectionist and a novice sewist do not go together so well.

But I love the little scissors button I found. I thought fabric was addicting, but I'm just now realizing how notions are just as enticing.

Fabric details:
gray and blue no-name linens.
Red print is Anna Maria Horner's Loulouthi Triflora in lipstick.
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  1. think this pincushion is delightfully unique. I am struggling to find fabric ink that sets when you iron it. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks

    1. After doing some reading, I ordered the VersaCraft ink pad from Amazon. I don't know if Amazon is viable for you, though? But I can recommend the ink. The color was opaque and it set well under the iron.

  2. Great job! Soon I will commission you to make me stuff. ;)

  3. I'm thinking I will just wait for you to learn how to make leggings, and then follow Stacey's lead and commission you! I still haven't e-mailed Chris the sewing machine manual to print, and I spent all weekend in the company of such a wide variety of daydreamish skills that I would like to develop. It all seems like far too much. You're already well on your way, so I may just hope that you take over sewing for the both of us! Is workout gear on your list somewhere behind bags and pincushions? If not, I might just adjust my desires to align with whatever you're sewing!

    1. If I ever make clothes, I think little girls' dresses sound so much more fun than leggings. But you never know, right?

  4. Be gentle on yourself. I think it's charming, especially the printing on the ricrac. I never would have come up with that idea, and I love it!!! The whole project is so sweet!

    1. Thank you!! I'm a total newbie so I don't mind the learning curve itself but it can be hard to show my work in this sew-along where everyone is coming out with such beautiful projects!!

  5. How did I not know you started a sewing blog! Everything looks fabulous Robin! You're doing a great job!


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