Sunday, May 13, 2012

Oracles says Happy Mother's Day

Oracles wishes you a very Happy Mother's Day. He brings you flowers in his teeth.

By a strange quirk of E's school calendar, both my mother and the lovely husband's mother is here with us this weekend. Friday was Generations Day in kindergarten, which obviously can't be missed, and they've stayed for the weekend. 

So naturally they received sewed gifts for Mother's Day.

The brown purse-ish shape is for my mother-in-law, and the wider tote is intended to be a project bag for my knitting-obsessed mother.

This is the tag I put in my sewing projects. Heart-comma-bird = 'love, Robin.' Get it? I had a quarter yard of canvas printed on Spoonflower with this design that I drew in one of those digital drawing programs, and I cut out a little inch square from it each time I need another tag. Now that I have a tiny idea of what I'm doing, though, I'm going to reprint them with wider margins one day so that I don't have to frame them to piece them into a project.

They're not perfect but family is good for practice work, right?

Oracles wonders why you haven't taken his flowers yet. I hope his feelings won't be hurt.

Happy Mother's Day, mama friends.

Fabric details:
Purse--brown twill, two prints from the Chocolate Lollipop line by Anna Maria Horner.
Knitting bag-- Bah Bah Black Sheep from Taali by Monaluna Organics; Amy Butler's Glamour River Shine in Charcoal from the Lark line for the pockets and straps; and Dew Drop in olive from Prince Charming by Tula Pink for the lining.
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