Tuesday, May 1, 2012

When the answer is a pop-up mustache

Oh, you guys.

Tonight was the kind of night where the two-year-old was his utmost twoiest and I wasn't sure the other four of us would survive. And tonight was a decent night, in terms of zone defense. The lovely husband was home and we co-managed until it was all over.

But then I realized that the lovely husband won't be home four out of the next seven nights, which means a long stretch of Three of Them vs. Just Me, and I knew I needed to find a little fun in tonight while I still can.

Thankfully, Sew Fantastic decided to post a mustache mug rug tutorial, and since I have a beloved biomorphic mug, I knew I'd found my fun.

I knew I wanted a simple project, because I've never actually completed a quilt yet, so I've never basted or bound or any of those details. But at 7" square, I could figure this out in an evening, right?


Here's the problem with being a beginner: the scope of my ideas far exceeds the extent of my abilities. But the thing about Oracles (that's the mug (yes, I named him)) is he tries to be so manly and then I fill him night after night with dainty herbal teas. Is he emasculated, poor guy? And that's when I decided that he didn't need a mustache on his floor, he needed one on his face.

It's possible that this is the world's only 3-D mustache mug rug. Profound, I know. If you need a minute for that to sink in, I understand.

If you haven't met him before, say hi to Oracles.

The top of my quilt sandwich has two layers instead of one. The channels created by the parallel quilting lines and the two top layers serve as skinny pockets.

I bent two hair clips into L shapes. 'Tis a noble cause, sacrificing one's ability to pull back scalp hair in the name of serving as mustache struts.

I topstitched the lower mustache seam so that the 'stache is a little fringe-y.

Standing 'stache.

And behold, the new and improved Oracles. Does he look more manly? Not so much, with the pink raindrops, huh.

Suddenly those closed eyes of his don't look so deep in thought; they look long-suffering instead. Hmm.

And here's the best part. I suspect, don't you, that the mustache as trend is on the way out? I can customize his look so he can keep up with the latest fashions. Maybe next month, Oracles will take up pipe smoking. What do you think?

Fabric details:
Kona Marine and two prints from Erin McMorris's Summersault.


  1. The absurdity of this fills my heart with ridiculous joy.

  2. ha ha ha ha Oh I just laughed my but off, thank you ! This is great!


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