Sunday, July 15, 2012

An elephant never forgets what page you're on

This week's zakka project was an elephant bookmark. I made two: one for each daughter.

The book had suggestions for button eyes, a tiny steel-hook crocheted bow, and ricrac trim. I went with an embroidered eye and decided that we needed an eyebrow, too; a glittery ribbon bow, and pretty gems and embroidery for a necklace. If these elephants are to be friends with my daughters, they'll surely quickly foster a love of blingy costume jewelry.

Elephants on parade!

Of all the ideas for customization that the project instructions included, nothing was mentioned of a tail. What's an elephant without her tail? So I braided up some embroidery floss. Elephant tushies have dignity, too.

These were the dickens to turn right-side-out and my elephants are a little rumply. They're sweet, though, and when the girls see them in the morning I'm pretty sure they'll love them.

Annnnd...I thought this project was finished. But as I was uploading photos one of my little insomniacs just showed up downstairs, seeking a beverage and some solace. She's sick, I think, and we were hoping that today's fever was a fluke but now I think we're looking at a sick day tomorrow. Which is great, because she just asked why her elephant doesn't wear earrings like she does, so I have an addendum to append tomorrow.

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