Sunday, July 29, 2012

Getting a notion

This week's zakka project was a little linen pouch. Weeks ago, my older girl was thumbing through my Zakka Style book and claimed this project as hers.

The bag called for creative embellishment so we went to the fabric store together. I gave her five dollars and ten minutes to pick out some bits of trim and a button. The money was sufficient; the time, though? These were very difficult decisions.

How to make a six-year-old girly-girl happy: set her free in the notions department.

Once home, she selected her fabrics from my shelves and laid out the trims. The design on the front of the bag is entirely hers. My only contribution was the suggestion of one of her hair elastics for the button closure.

She did well, right?

And here's a closer view of the binding, as well as the back. My sweet girl scoffed at the idea of a plain linen back. There was, after all, more purple fabric available.

She's thrilled, my girl, and the other daughter? I'm in the middle of a project for her, too, courtesy of my Handstitched class. So she wasn't whiny about this, thank goodness. Sewing projects for everyone!

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