Sunday, September 30, 2012

Extended carrying case

Only my Jewish friends will be able to recognize the shape of this case right away.

Tonight begins the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, and of all the strange-looking traditions we have, Sukkot brings one of the strangest. We hold together a palm frond and willow and myrtle branches with a citron and shake it all around.  So here's the thing: getting three kids into synagogue is complicated enough with their requisite books and snacks and diapers. Try carrying a palm frond, too.

We used to have a generic lulav holder. It was clear plastic with a wooden dowel built in for sturdiness. My youngest sat on the dowel last year and cracked it in half. For this year, I knew we could do better.

Here's a 6.5-year-old for context. It's 43"x5". I just measured it against our lulav waiting to be used all this week for the holiday. I hope this year's lulav isn't a terribly puny specimen.

It's lined with a red dot print, bound like a quilt with bias binding, and the handles are webbing. The exterior fabric is a laminate in perfect autumnal colors for this harvest holiday, and it's called Tree of Life. Isn't that perfect?

Tula Pink's Tree of Life in Cinnamon from the Birds and the Bees collection.

There's a Tula Pink sew-along going on right now that I'm linking to, where this is sure to be the strangest submission, don't you think?

Chag sameach, all my Sukkot-observing friends.

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