Saturday, September 8, 2012

Happy garland message board

It's been several weeks since I finished a zakka project ahead of the weekly deadline, but family life comes before sewing, that's the deal, and I'm content that the lack of sewing is directly related to a really fun summer.

Still. Now we're back on a more routinized lifestyle, school necessitates it, and it's probably no coincidence that I've finished a project again. I made this message board to hang on the door of our four-year-old's bedroom. I'm hoping to make one for each of her siblings, too. Her nickname is Ladybug and I love to include little ladybug details in projects I make for her. Her siblings will have to be satisfied with insect-free designs.

She's asleep right now and a light sleeper, so for now I've staged this on the knob to the laundry closet. I'll hang it on her door in the morning.

I chose a bright blue linen for the background, thinking it looked like a summer sky, and wouldn't it be lovely to see these garlands swaying in an afternoon breeze? The pink metallic thread that holds it up is a nod to her aesthetic, and I tried to pick flag scraps that she'd enjoy, as well.

The clothespins are an inch long and adorable, but they were plain wood color so I dipped into the kids' paints and brightened them up a bit. The project instructions called for a length of twine here but instead I braided up three different colored pieces of embroidery floss.

The instructions also called for sewing down all three sides of each pennant but I rather like the way they dangle here, just affixed at the top. You may decide if my motivation was realism or laziness.

The final instruction on the project description says to leave a note. So which should I pin up for her?

"Good morning, sunshine!"


"Stop leaving your underpants on the floor!"

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