Wednesday, September 19, 2012

In friendship

It is extraordinary good luck when your kid finds a true friend and you like the parents just as much.

In kindergarten last year, my eldest found a heart-friend. They were both devastated to find they'd been placed in separate first grade classes this year.

That family invited us to spend the first night of Rosh Hashanah with them, and my girl wanted to make a gift, a challah cover.

My girl laid out the squares and helped me trace the Hebrew letters. (It says Shanah Tovah, which is the equivalent of "happy new year.") In retrospect I think we should have used a lighter blue for the solid background so the letters would pop more, but this is what my girl liked, and we're all new to project planning here.

We did a basic patchwork, cut out the letters, and treated them as a raw-edge reverse applique by outline-sewing them against a solid fabric behind them. I used one of my machine's decorative stitches to quilt a border.

We pieced a signature line into the reverse. I used my usual heart/bird block (heart/bird = "love, Robin" - get it?) and my girl signed her own name, along with the number of the new year on the Jewish calendar. And then she specifically asked me to blog about it.

In this whole venture of learning to make things, I still don't know if we're achieving the hand made look as if that's a good quality or a bad one. But the good thing about a gift offered in friendship is that we know our friends will appreciate the gesture for what it is.

And the good thing about conceiving, planning and executing a project with my girl is everything.

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