Sunday, October 14, 2012

Garment sewing

Have you met Daddy Peanuts?

That's what my second daughter, now almost five, named this doll years ago when she received him as a hand-me-down gift around the time of the birth of her baby brother. (You really should click through that link if you're curious about his name.)

We had a conversation recently about how I really do think she should keep her underpants on all day, even if we don't have any friends over. She was a bit incredulous at my stance and finally concluded that if she had to wear underpants, so does this guy.

The problem is, we inherited him as naked as a newborn baby. That's okay, said my girl, you can just sew him some underpants.

I appreciate her confidence in me so I knew I had to figure this out. She picked the fabric and went to bed. I promised to restore Daddy P's dignity by morning.

Prototype fail: baby's got crack.

After some trial and error, I'm proud to report success. I had a little trouble at first making something that would go up over his chunky thighs without exposing too much derriere. But after examining a pair of my husband's undergarments (we learn by example, right?) I remembered that boy unders have that middle additional panel of fabric on the backside. 

(Someone sewing-smarter than me: what's that called? It's the opposite of a dart, I guess?)

So, with the addition of that panel to my self-drafted pattern, dignity is, indeed, restored. Mission accomplished.
Well, if we're being honest, dignity mostly restored. I covered up his gluteal cleft but I can't do anything about that Made in China tramp stamp.

(So embarrassing!)