Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pretty little pouches and ugly little confessions

My second child is madly in love with Silly Bandz. Does that seem so 2009 to you? Don't tell her; she's only four. She recently asked me to sew her a little bag for them. A dedicated Sillly Bandz pouch.

I have a confession to make: I was scared of the different feet for my sewing machine. I didn't know how to change them. All those zippers I've so carefully sewn? I installed those without the aid of a zipper foot, the very tool I owned that is designed for the express purpose of installing zippers.

I don't want to dismiss the undeniable value of a Silly Bandz pouch, but it seemed time to be brave and experiment with my zipper foot.

Hey, what do you know: zippers are actually easy...with the right tools.


I got a new phone this week. It's that new model that came out a few weeks ago, although mine just arrived here from China on Monday. There aren't a lot of case options out on the market for it yet, so for now I decided to sew it a padded pouch.

Um, why yes that does say 12:57am.

This was all very complicated, using my phone to take pictures of the case and my husband's phone to take pictures of my phone, all because my actual camera, the poor aged Nikon, is in the Nikon hospital. It's the first time it's ever visited the Nikon hospital after probably 50,000 exposures. We are neglectful camera owners.


The lulav case I showed you over the weekend? The lulav is only half of the holiday pomp. It has a partner called the etrog who comes out to play. I didn't get the etrog bag finished before the holiday began but it's done now:

When I planned for the lulav case, I hadn't thought of making an etrog bag, too. I'm bummed about it because that meant I had only scraps to work with. Or let's turn that around: I'm pretty pleased with my innovative design utilizing my precious few raw materials.

So: you're supposed to change your sewing machine's needle after every eight hours of sewing. I've never changed it. Not once. Not even after sewing through all that laminate.

Maybe it's time to face my next fear?

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