Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The shutdown murse

Murse (noun):

     m(an p)urse.

This might not ordinarily come up on a sewing blog, but I work for the government and I was furloughed today. My youngest child, our three-year-old son, was effectively furloughed, too, as his preschool is located in my now shut-down work building. We're furlough buddies.

He is not often alone with me for hours at a time and nothing particular to do but with his daddy at his own private-sector job and his sisters at their big-kid school, we had nothing but time, he and I. I asked him what we should do and he immediately reiterated a request he's been uttering for weeks that I've been lackadaisically ignoring:

let's sew me a purple purse!

Purple is his favorite color. Both his big sisters play with purses. He doesn't have one. This is bothersome. And so we had a project.

I aimed to make it messenger-bag-ish, manly, you know? I had a linen print I'd bought a while ago knowing I'd make something for the boy with it. It's covered with flying saucers and rocket ships and aliens and it's printed on a periwinkle ground that I knew he'd be willing to read as purple.

This is the first project I've drafted, cut and sewed entirely with a small child on my lap but he can proudly and honestly boast that he helped make the whole thing. And we had plenty of time to fill. And I only sewed the top flap in upside-down between the bag's exterior and lining one time.

I did not use a pattern but just draped the measuring tape around his neck and made some things up based on those numbers. He loves to walk around with the measuring tape around his neck. I lined it with this crazy large-scale eyeball print from Ikea and used a single snap for the closure.

We sewed the last seam just minutes before we had to pick up his sisters and take them to their swim lessons. He proudly wore his bag out of the house. He filled it with a few treasures and played happily through their hour in the pool. He's never before stayed happy through their hour in the pool. So I may have been told how to file for unemployment today, but I did pull off one solid success.

Swim parking lot. Prepared little brother.

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